Autism Parent Coaching Series

Your Coach: Natalie Castro

Over the course of her 22+ years being part of the Autism community, Natalie has devoted her life to shifting the mindset of families, siblings and caregivers to provide educational tools and inspirational experiences to encourage advocacy for their loved one  with Autism. Her personal and professional experience from becoming an Autism sibling, founder of Pieces of Inspiration to now legal guardian to her younger sister, inspired her to create a combination of her personal and professional experiences into one product: The Autism Parent Coaching Series


For 12 months, she will be providing coaching session videos, downloadable resources and monthly  journals that parents can follow along at their own pace!  Each month, she will go over topics such as a shift in mindset, insurance, balancing therapy and fun to communication between your family and professionals. 


Learn tangible advice from someone who has been on the academic, social, business and family side to give you the opportunity to educate and inspire you during your Autism journey! 


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For 12 months, Natalie provides a one-hour coaching session each month to provide you the tools and inspiration during your Autism journey. You can log into your account and take the coaching series at your own pace, download resources, follow along the monthly downloadable journal and work on the goals of each month's topic. 

In her monthly Autism parent coaching series, Natalie is combining her 22+ years of personal and professional experience to provide Autism parents the mindset and tools to fully execute a plan to help their child's developmental progress. Her mission is to promote balance, clarity and inspiration. 

An access to an online coaching series with Natalie Castro for 12-months 

Each month, Natalie will provide video, downloadable resources and a monthly PDF journal for you to access.

This is an opportunity for you to have Natalie walk you through a 12-month journey of progress, support and shift in mindset. 

You will login to your account once you purchase your 12 month coaching series, then each month, a new topic will be available for you. Each month you will watch a video, download the monthly journal to follow along and download the monthly resources Natalie has provided for you. 


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